Our Services

Our Process


We Listen

We conduct a phone call to understand our patients history, the treatments they have undergone, and the medication they have taken. This step helps us create a baseline.


We Examine

We personalize this step based on the information gathered previously. We conduct an Ultrasound to understand the deeper root of the problem and the possible solutions.


We Recommend

During this final stage, we will provide you with insights about your pain and whether an injection is the right fit for you. If not, we will recommend next steps to help heal your pain.

In Depth



Shoulder pain can be felt as a dull ache or a sharp pain. The pain can be constant or intermittent. There can be pain at rest, while others have pain only with certain motions. The pain can be typical tissue pain, but it can also be felt like a nerve pain (burning, numbness, tingling, odd sensations).



Knee pain can present with occasional pain with certain postures only, or only occasionally when walking. Over time this can progress to become constant and/or pain with every step. Other people experience pain when going up and down stairs. Some people experience pain in the knee and in the lower leg.



Hand pain can involve a number of tendons/muscles/nerves. Multiple conditions related to tendon/tendon sheath issues can result in pain with gripping/pinching (tendinitis or de Quervain’s tenosynovitis). Others will find a ‘locking’ of the finger when it is bent – as in trigger finger conditions. Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause pain in the hand along with numbness and/or weakness. It often causes issues at night, when people are sleeping.



At Medicus Therapeutics, we also treat hip pain, foot/ankle paint, tennis elbow, neck/back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. Refer to our For Doctors page to see more details.