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At Medicus Therapeutics, we believe in providing recommendations that will help improve your health - even if that means you should be headed towards a different treatment path. Our main objective is to heal pain. Pain can be debilitating and adversely affect your quality of life. Ultrasound Guided Medical Interventions offer another treatment option for people struggling with these pain conditions. Therapies are available for a variety of pain including arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

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Most of our patients have undergone physio, massage therapy, and other treatments with no success. They come to our clinic with hope that their pain will come to an end. Our treatment will eventually be paired with other treatments to provide a holistic solution for our patients.

Testimonials Success Stories

"I can get back to golfing"

Said Mrs G regarding her hip arthritis pain. The hip pain had debilitated her whe she was sitting, walking and swinging her golf club. After the injection, there was no pain and there was a marked improvement in her ability to walk.

"My shoulder pain has not bothered me for 4 months"

Said Mrs K when she came back to discuss her new back pain. Previously, one injection had given her about a month's relief, then she came back for another assessment and the second injection worked wonders.

"My neck and shoulders don't tense up and have spasms like they used to."

A week after a myofascial injection was done for Mr. M, who had been suffering from pain due to a motor vehicle collision 8 months prior. He had trouble from tightness and spasms with sitting at his job for hours every day.

Talking To Your Doctor

Your family doctor will need to fill out this referral form for an appointment with our clinic. We recommend having a discussion with your doctor and sharing this link to see if this treatment is right for you.

Understand Our Clinic

Medicus Therapeutics is a new clinic offering Ultrasound Guided Medical Interventions. Most of our services are covered by MSP. As we are a specialty service provider, we only accept new patients who have been referred by a Physician or Nurse Practitioner.